“By joining the Healthy Discounts dental network, we have seen an increase in our patient base – without impacting our treatment decisions. The beauty of the fee-for-service plan is that patients pay at the time of service.”

Diana Gavic - Family & Cosmetic Gentle Dentistry


Interested in joining the network? Contact us at:

Phone: 0808 234 3558


New Source of Patients for Your Practice

Healthy Discounts Dental & Optical Plan by Munroe Sutton is an easy way to attract patients to your practice. There is no cost to join the plan and you will not pay high advertising or unnecessary fees to promote your practice. You will not need to provide discounts until paying patients visit your practice.

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Benefits for Your Dental and Optical Practice

  • New way to attract patients to your office
  • A proven scheme that increases patient treatment acceptance rates
  • Patients pay at the time of service
  • Free marketing and promotion of your office
  • Team of professionals committed to supporting you and your staff
  • 24/7 automated patient verification telephone system

Free marketing for your practice
As a participating practitioner, patients will be referred to your practice, and we will promote your practice through online directories and weekly database updates. Patients can easily locate participating practitioners by location and specialty by calling our multilingual customer support department, or referencing printed directories.


Additional Revenue
With this new opportunity, you can earn a minimum of 20% commission on every plan you sign up. Each payment the member makes means additional revenue for your practice. By reducing your patients’ out-of pocket costs, you can increase the likelihood that they will be able to afford the prescribed treatment.


Practices pay no fees to participate
Munroe Sutton sells our membership plan to provide quality patients for your practice. Our revenue is generated through our clients, so participating practices are not required to pay.


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